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Star Wars Recipes – How to make Yoda’s Dagobah Stew

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Patience. For the Jedi it is time to eat as well!


Dagobah stew! Breakfast of champions and Jedi Masters. Yoda’s apparently nasty-tasting stew is featured in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. We don’t actually know what Yoda had in his stew, based on the scene where he encourages Jedi apprentice Luke Skywalker to eat.

One can guess there were lots of slimy creatures in it, muddy roots, and brackish plant life. Here at RunPee Kitchens we’ve worked with what’s on Earth and came up with an inexpensive, easy, and absolutely deliciously filling swamp stew creation. It’s got root veggies (carrots and garlic), vegetable stalks (celery) and…chicken. We didn’t have any lizard flesh on hand.

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Our advice: don’t skimp on the meat. You want it to be more stewish than soupish. It’s a simple recipe.

Feel free to cook it in a metal kettle over the fire, just like Yoda does.

Simple, inexpensive recipe for Yoda Style Dagobah Stew

1 carrot (or 1⁄3 each of three different carrots, as in photo above — we used heirloom carrots for color and taste)
2 ribs of celery
3 cloves of garlic
Oil (as needed)
Salt (as needed)
1⁄2-1 quart chicken broth/stock
Cooked, shredded chicken meat (As we said above, this should be lizard meat, since that’s what you’re going to get on Dagobah. But since Luke made a face, we’ll assume lizard sucks. Unless it tastes like chicken. According to The Matrix, everything does…)

Chop carrots and celery, and mince garlic. Add half of carrots and celery to a pot over medium heat with oil (1-2 Tbsp.) and salt, and sweat them for a few minutes. Add the garlic and stir around until fragrant. Add chicken stock, bring to a soft boil, and let cook for a few minutes. Add the remaining half of the carrots and celery, let simmer for a couple more minutes, add the chicken shreds, and just bring back to a boil. Taste, adjust seasoning with salt and pepper, and serve.

BEST SERVED: Set out in simple bowls, hot, as you cue up your favorite Star Wars movies. We chose to watch Solo for Star Wars Day (a highly underrated film), but if you watch Empire, try to time your food to eat during the Dagobah scene in Yoda’s hut. Enjoy with Green or Blue Milk!

Photo by Bob Kleemann, recipe by Bob Kleemann and Jill Florio. Inspired by Yoda. Eat, eat, good food!

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