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Indie Movie Review – A Ghost Waits

My name is Rob, and I’m a cinema addict. When the world was open I was retired and had Infinity cards both for RunPee and for my local cinema; I’d peaked at seeing three films in a day and going four or five days a week. Then it all closed down. However, I was luckier […]


Indie Movie Review – The Inheritance

I’ll be honest, The Inheritance left me more than somewhat confused. The story, such as it is, revolves around Sasha (Natalia Ryumina) and Peter (Nick Wittman), who are living in Chicago. Sasha hears her father has died and she inherited everything. Everything includes a rather spiffing house in the centre of Kyiv, capital of the Ukraine, […]

Indie Movie Review – Death Trip

Death Trip is not a good film. It’s disjointed, overlong, and unengaging. There are a range of mistakes ranging from the small (the four of them draw straws to see who’ll have to sleep in the “haunted” room but, after one person has picked one, he still has four in his hand) to the whole […]

Movie Review – Hell Fest

Hell Fest was a total cliche. It was very predictable, yet it was enjoyable to watch. The idea of being in a very public place where murders are going on, but unnoticed, was a great idea. I embrace everything Halloween. This holiday is hands-down my favorite time of the year. I have been known to […]